CNC Router VS CO2 Laser cutter: Which is suitable for my production?

CNC Router VS CO2 Laser cutter: Which is suitable for my production?

Ogólne tematy związane z maszynami CNC, maszyny o odmiennej konstrukcji czyli wszystko co nie pasuje do powyższych.
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CNC Router VS CO2 Laser cutter: Which is suitable for my production?


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When talking about 2 different technologies, the first thing we must take into account is which of the 2 you should invest in or if both complement your entry into more renowned industrial projects. We are going to evaluate the most significant points of this analysis:

Type of work (materials):
It is essential to analyze the type of work to be carried out, as well as the materials to be used, since the Laser Cutter is focused on low to medium density materials, while the CNC Router is capable of cutting low materials. at high density.
Another point to consider is the investment that you want to make, because the laser cutter is a robust equipment but it does not represent a cost like that of acquiring a CNC Router. To make a more accurate decision, it is advisable to carry out a financial run on each of the teams, along with a return on investment study with information on projects and real costs. You’ll be surprised!

Space matters:
If you considered that the workspace did not matter, today we tell you that it is the most relevant. While a CNC Router requires space of 130cm*250cm, the CO2 Laser Cutter requires less space that goes from 60*40cm. Think about the ergonomics of work, especially of the production carried out by the operator.

Scope of a CO2 Laser Cutter.

CO2 laser cutting is capable of 3 types of work (cutting, engraving and marking of the material), however, the cut can only be done with low and medium density materials up to 15 mm (acrylic, leather, paper). The engraving and marking of the material may be in medium density materials (wood, stone, glass), which will be an engraving of very good definition and precision, which can be up to 4000 DPI, in 2 dimensions. It is a versatile and adaptable equipment, ideal for working in workshops since it does not require a special electrical installation, because it works at 120V.

Scope of the CNC Router:

It is designed to cut materials of low, medium and high density in non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, brass, copper, silver, gold, among others, with the advantage of cutting any type of thickness without any problem.
The CNC Router will be able to carry out engraving with less precision and definition, even with volume or in 3D. The CNC Router is an industrial piece of equipment that requires a special electrical installation to work at 220V, which allows you to operate 3 continuous shifts without any problem. In addition, there are a wide variety of models, designed for different approaches, from entrepreneurs to high-end equipment, which come to compete both in speed and precision with machining equipment.


As we can see both the CNC Router and the CO2 Laser, are 2 technologies that are focused on different industries, which can be complemented. The ideal way to decide which technology is best for your project is to identify the materials to use, as well as the use of the equipment.